Jocks slapping

jocks slapping

13 Jun Unfortunately, the first athlete to playfully slap a teammate on the butt didn't record his reasoning for history, but it's become common practice among professionals and amateurs alike, and many have their own take on it. In , Johns Hopkins News-Letter editor Mary Doman asked some of the school's. Jocks slapping each other's asses. Hunter kids wearing their orange blaze vests. And fighters bragging of their war deeds. You wouldn't believe it, but one had caught a spy in a cage trap, another had laid mines, a whiz kid had invented some weapon of mass destruction. A kid who'd had his appendix out said he was an. 3 Oct A baseball team stages an intervention when a player goes too far with his congratulatory ass-slapping.


Ass Slap Jocks -Suicide Jocks slapping each other on the butt and yelling “no homo,” geeks huddled over the newest handheld consoles, the stoners staking out the alcoves where teachers can't really see. The noise in here reaches epic levels of loud. Not to mention, all the different auras—nervous greenish-yellows, cheerful pinks, tired. the boys said, slapping her saggy bum as she humped her hips, shagging the boys' boned-up jock pouches. One of the boys gently pushed the old lady down. She was on her knees. The boy who pushed her down, he grabbed hold of the old lady's head and rubbed her face in his sweaty jock, her hands grabbing his bare. 6 Oct Have you ever wondered about the origin of the butt slap? When did it begin? Who started this strange antic? Well, sorry but I'm asking those questions myself. But if you want to learn the art of butt slapping, read on my friend.

: Jocks slapping

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jocks slapping

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